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for the distribution and management of your insurance policies

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Insurance company

The CERTY ERP solution meets all your requirements, from the creation of your products to their marketing.



Centralised management of data and exchanges with your customers. From the moment a prospect is created to their customer status, you can keep a record of all your exchanges (e-mails, letters, incoming or outgoing documents) and choose the method you want to use for your reminders (automatic or manual). You can also schedule appointments and track them in your diary...


The various functions of the CERTY ERP solution enable you to manage the financial aspects of your business in a personalised way: collections entrusted or not, referral fees deducted or not, presence of a third party payer, automatic generation of receipts, management of outstanding payments, commission monitoring, automatic sending of due date notices to the client or referrer and company or referral slips when a payment is validated...


The CERTY ERP solution's contract management module enables you to process each amendment (quotation, new business, term amendment, suspension, termination, reinstatement, etc.) in a transactional manner. Access the history to view a snapshot of your contract and its accounting at each of these stages.


Provide your customers and prospects with a personal space where they can access all their information, quotes, contracts, claims and accounting information right up to the payment of their receipts. An optional sponsorship module will enable you to reward your customers by offering them gift vouchers on your terms, while allowing you to prospect within your portfolio.


Centralised management of data and exchanges with your brokers. From the moment you receive a partnership request to the moment it is validated, you can control all the elements required to ensure that your partnerships are compliant, and you will have full control over the rights and commissioning of each party.


Our EDM module will enable you to store, organise and manage all your documents efficiently. Define in advance all the documents required for an estimate, new business, amendment, claim, contributor, etc. and load the documents received in the required location to detect their presence. Once they have been validated and checked, they will not be sent again.


To enable you to share your data more effectively with your partners (providers, companies, etc.), we can provide you with customised EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) systems giving you access to all the data you want to exchange or integrate into your database. In practice, EDI makes it possible to significantly reduce human intervention in the processing of information, and therefore to have more reliable and synchronised information with your partners.


Give your partners secure access to underwrite and manage their business. The CERTY ERP solution's intermediary/broker extranet will enable you to provide your intermediaries and brokers with automated product underwriters, as well as a form for submitting technical business to you for manual underwriting by your teams. Your providers will be able to consult the status of their portfolio (quotes, contracts, business, claims and their commissions) at any time and in real time.


  • User administration
  • Setting up user profiles
  • Agency management
  • Manage business introducers
  • Company management
  • Managing prospects/customers
  • Product family configuration
  • Product configuration
  • Creation of guarantees
  • Creation of clauses
  • Configuring formulas
  • Packaging of expected elements per formula
  • Index management
  • Tax management
  • Managing pricing criteria
  • Managing the reasons for reminders by situation
  • Manual creation of a dunning notice
  • Assigning a dunning notice to a member of staff
  • Email reminder management
  • Automatic deferral of a dunning notice
  • Manual acknowledgement of a dunning notice
  • Archiving reminders
  • Creating quotations
  • Modifying quotes
  • Duplication of quotes
  • Expiry of quotations
  • Quotation subscription
  • General data management
  • Management of additional data
  • Accounting data management
  • Management of amendments (immediate, future and retroactive)
  • Conditioning modifiable data in an amendment
  • Archiving amendment movements
  • History of amendments
  • Automatic renewal of policies
  • Management of annual increases
  • Cancellation management (immediate, future and retroactive)
  • Reset management
  • Managing refusals and exclusions
  • Rules for mandatory documents
  • Manual addition of contextual mandatory documents
  • Rules for expected documents
  • Individual loading of documents received
  • Bulk loading of documents received
  • Classification of documents by type and situation
  • Sending documents received to stakeholders
  • Manual reminder for missing documents
  • Automatic reminder for missing documents
  • Setting up mail categories
  • Setting up recipients
  • Static and dynamic mail settings
  • Local or remote printing of letters
  • Sending mail electronically (manual sending with attached documents)
  • Manual modification of dynamic emails before sending
  • Conditioning of automatic mailings
  • Automatic generation of premium
  • Automatic prorating of endorsement premium (period, premium, taxes, commission, etc.)
  • Manual creation and modification of premium
  • Management of premium (entrusted and non-entrusted)
  • Management of premium statuses
  • Managing SEPA direct debits and credit transfers
  • Management of customer payments (incoming and outgoing)
  • Managing third-party payers
  • Management of deducted commissions
  • Managing bank transfers
  • Cash management
  • Managing overdue payments and formal notices
  • Retrocessions of commission to contributors (commission statements)
  • Reversal of premiums to companies (full payment or commissions deducted)
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Setting up the chart of accounts
  • Management of accounting entries
  • Summary view of income and expenditure (bank level)
  • Viewing balances and debits/credits by account
  • Profit and loss management
  • Management of claim types by product
  • Claim management modes
  • Claims status management
  • Creating claims
  • Managing third parties
  • Valuation and provision
  • Claims management (incoming and outgoing)
  • Management of missions
  • Appeals management
  • Data import (prospect files, policies, etc.)
  • Manual or automatic data export
  • Setting up automatic exports
  • Recipient management
  • Importing bank entries
  • Export journal entries
  • Data interchange (EDI, API, Web services, etc.)
  • Personalised management dashboard
  • Multi-company and multi-brand management
  • Integration of customised pricing systems (internal or external)
  • Multi-criteria search engine
  • History of incoming and outgoing exchanges
  • LEADS generation and import
  • Geolocation of postal addresses
  • Integration of national company repository
  • Integration of customer or supplier scoring APIs
  • Suivi des devis / contrats / quittances
  • Automatic online pricing
  • Online subscription and signature
  • Payment of premium by credit card
  • Opportunity submission
  • Automatic online pricing
  • Online subscription and signature
  • Payment of premium by credit card
  • Tracking of commissions and associated slips

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